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The Misunderstood.

One of the most painful feelings, whether one is able to admit it or not, is the feeling of being misunderstood. You could be at the height and/or climax of your emotions and everything could… Continue reading

Have You Heard It? MU$IC WE REVISITED x #TDE’s Isaiah Rashad: “Cilvia”

Edie and Olympia Campbell x Lanvin’s New Fashion Campaign #FA$HION

seventies-hair nostalgia is manifesting by the season, Edie Campbell and Olympia Campbell’s newly released Fall 2014 Lanvin campaign is like a cultural awakening. Shot by Tim Walker, the ad features a raven-haired Edie looking like… Continue reading

Sound Cloud Phenom OTD: iloveyou x Cheri Dennis x MeLo-X

Straight outta E. Flatbush Brooklyn, New York MeLo-X stuck his foot in this track originally by Cheri Dennis produced by Ryan Leslie in 2008 (she’s a former of Bad Boy remember?) The good… Continue reading


@MahoganyTheMayhem presents an #URBANWORLD #UNDERGROUNDLIFE set of upcoming events in the DMV/RVA area!

FASHION & BEAUTY ALERT!!: Rita Ora is BADD! Welcome to High Fashion.

I could not resist! Thanks to my internship @FreshDailyInc, (Twitter and IG) I’m more up to date with high fashion, y’all know my forte is urban wear, retro and consignment lol! So get… Continue reading

Meek Mill: Dreams Worth More Than Money via CivilTV!!

Sex, Love and Relationship Randoms (#facts!)

Download UberFacts, people loveeeee #facts (lol)