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The Misunderstood.

One of the most painful feelings, whether one is able to admit it or not, is the feeling of being misunderstood. You could be at the height and/or climax of your emotions and everything could… Continue reading

Random Topic OT Day (submitted): To My Future Aspirations, Am I Good Enough?

Dear Mahogany, Ive encountered you before at a photoshoot and realized there was something empowering about you just through your choice of music when you let your Soundcloud play. To see you aspiring… Continue reading

NEW FEATURE ALERT!!: via Miss KiahImani (Lost Dreams?)

Let’s stay on topic shall we? Earlier We evaluated dreams and how they come true and can manifest in different aspects of life. Kiah was able to express her perspective on dreams poetically.… Continue reading

Random Topic OT Day (submitted): What kind of Woman does it take?

Dear Mahogany The Mayhem, So if I’ve seen it I’m sure you have, you know those posts on Instagram and Twitter where a woman is hugging the Hulk in his monster form, yet… Continue reading

Sex, Love and Relationship Randoms (#facts!)

Download UberFacts, people loveeeee #facts (lol)

SPOTLIGHT ALERT!!!: Recording Artist SZA deserves a round of random KUDOS!

I took the liberty of randomly giving TDE recording artist SZA some well deserved spotlight. Not to mention she’s already fashion eye-cannn-dee! If the name does not ring a bell I highly encourage… Continue reading

to beauty and brains, cheers!

So what is it like to be beautiful, black, and intelligent? I know some one who knows! Read more about my experience. http://mahoganymayhem.wordpress.com/travel-experience-network/  

What makes you?

The important thing is not the triumph, not your acquired victories, but your struggle(s). – @MahoganyMayhem