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Edie and Olympia Campbell x Lanvin’s New Fashion Campaign #FA$HION

img-ediecampbellolympiacapbelllanvinfw2014_160722277294.jpg_article_singleimageseventies-hair nostalgia is manifesting by the season, Edie Campbell and Olympia Campbell’s newly released Fall 2014 Lanvin campaign is like a cultural awakening. Shot by Tim Walker, the ad features a raven-haired Edie looking like a modern-day Joan Jett with a choppy rock ’n’ roll mullet standing alongside her younger sister, Olympia, who personifies the softer side of the decade with lanky blonde, schoolgirl locks.

source: Vogue Magazine


Sound Cloud Phenom OTD: iloveyou x Cheri Dennis x MeLo-X

Straight outta E. Flatbush Brooklyn, New York MeLo-X stuck his foot in this track originally by Cheri Dennis produced by Ryan Leslie in 2008 (she’s a former of Bad Boy remember?) The good artists sure do fade at Bad Boy but, as the saying goes, that’s none of my binazz! 

Cheri Coke (her new name, what do you all think?) and Melo X  released some of her latest work in 3013, “The Garden of Eden”, a song that appeared on her last project, X/Coke.

Definitely a different twist from what you were used to hearing from Cheri, it’s perfect for R&B lovers who are in favor of such artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.



 If you live in any of these areas and you’re looking for good vibes, a lit crowd, a few drinks around you, the #URBANWORLD event post of the day presents:
- Curren$y w/ Friends on July 25th in Richmond, Virginia @ RVA Theatre

other special guest performers: Octavion X, Smoke DZA,

Mi$tro, Young Roddy

ETIX.COM (keywords: currensy with friends).


- Vi$to headlines on July 26th in Washington D.C. @ The Howard Theatre.

- TRILLECTRO goes down on August 23rd in Washington DC @ RFK Stadium Festival Grounds | tickets on sale NOW!

 special guest performances by: Big Sean & SZA






ora 1

FASHION & BEAUTY ALERT!!: Rita Ora is BADD! Welcome to High Fashion.

I could not resist! Thanks to my internship @FreshDailyInc, (Twitter and IG) I’m more up to date with high fashion, y’all know my forte is urban wear, retro and consignment lol! So get this, though she has not officially closed a seasonal deal with Adidas, she has sealed the deal with a high fashion designer! They almost turned her into Marilyn Monroe herself and Lord did she do that m’er f’er haha! From gowns, to blazer pantsuits Ora is this week’s MVP! Wanna know who the designer is and what it is giving?



Meek Mill Pops Slick to Counterpart Wale? Hmmm, ok.

Meek Mill is quite the firecracker I suppose. I actually get quite a few laughs from celebrity drama especially over something some one with money should not be concerned TOO much about. Nevertheless here we are again!


So apparently Meek Mill “felt some type of way” about Wale fellow member of MMG, not promoting his sophomore album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” coming out in stores in September. After that was set in stone out cames the Twitter feelings.

mmillNow I know everybody usually complains about Wale having too much to say, but this go round Wale actually was NOT for any extra drama. He responded, in the accusations of being a fake Twitter supporter,
“Few weeks ago (7w) I posted this .but ok. Movin along. My AVI always changed when it’s THAT time,” he opened his post.
He goes on to explain that he understands he may not necessarily “fit” the mold (not too sure what this explanation is parallel to) but that does not discredit his contribution to the hip hop world. BUT! I know y’all didn’t ask me but I am gonna say it anyway, I think it’s just a marketing strategy for the albums they both have coming out sooner than later, but ehhh, who am I? Just the Mayhem of course! :)


NEW FEATURE ALERT!!: via The Kooz (@chill_Kooz_gone)

In a dynamic originally spoken word piece, The Kooz strategically and metaphorically addresses her frustration towards women who simply refuse to love and respect themselves. Some times, there are women who do not even realize that they do not love themselves. They are so satisfied while simultaneously being dissatisfied with themselves they treat their own body’s as a business transaction and call it a hustle and/or a career.


The Kooz is a very good friend and sista of mines. She inspires plus sized women all over the DMV-Baltimore-NY-NJ area to stop the excuses and GET HEALTHY. She opened up her journey to our demographic allowing us to understand it is possible to be curvy and still healthy. The Kooz is also a dynamic speaker and mission manifest-er, quite the influence and a spark plug, truly a New York native. CLICK HERE to check out The Kooz spoken word entitled “Bad Bitch” Be sure to check out her weight loss journey and blog for tips, pics, and so much more @ HealthHerCurvez.tumblr.com!!



Random Topic OT Day (submitted): To My Future Aspirations, Am I Good Enough?

Dear Mahogany,
Ive encountered you before at a photoshoot and realized there was something empowering about you just through your choice of music when you let your Soundcloud play. To see you aspiring to empower other women and help them get through their hardships in life shows me that my first impression was right. I am just a 15 year old girl going through what every other girl goes through. I have dreams and hopes but also have doubts. Ive found my creative outlet through DJing and I know I can do this the rest of my life. Im setting goals and working hard to become the next big female disc jokey. On the other hand, the pressures from the world of “finding a realistic job” or making sure my grades are good, to get into a good college, often bring me down to feeling as if I chose the wrong decision for my future. Any advice you can give me?
Sincerely, Can I be good enough?


First of all, I would just like to let you know how appreciated you are just for your words alone. I am so glad and blessed for people like you, whom I’ve only encountered a few times, that chose to keep up with me. It’s the people like you (granted you will meet others like yourself as I did) that will keep you grounded, motivated and feeling supported just like how you just made me feel once you’ve found what it is you would like to do for the rest of your life. Believe it or not, yes I was accepted to a few schools but I wasn’t supposed to be in college God opened that door for me. I am 22 it wasn’t until last year that I found out what my passion was. It was within me the whole time but I couldn’t grasp it, or at least I THOUGHT I couldn’t. Anything that you love, you can capitalize on it and do GREAT things with it. How hard does it sound to make money off of empowering a few people in the world? A little hard right? BUT I am amazing at the things that I do. I plan to do and give whatever I can blood, sweat, tears and money (I don’t have lol) to invest into this dream I believe in – and that is what you MUST do! I’ll leave you with these last couple of thoughts from Epictetus; “Keep your attention focused entirely on what is truly yours, meaning that it is your OWN concern, be clear that what belongs to others (including their craft and what kind of schools they get accepted into) is their business and NONE of yours. If you aim to live by these principles understand they wont be easy, you must give up somethings entirely including wealth and power in return for happiness and freedom.” You CAN do whatever you put your mind to. Do not be afraid of your future.
Sincerely, You ARE good enough.
Mahogany The Mayhem


Video OT Day!!: Choreography by Sean Bankhead

Sean Bankhead is one of my absolute favorite choreographers! His body portrays every bit of the song he chooses to dance to. A proud native of Atlanta, Georgia, Bankhead has 15 years of dance and choreography under his belt. Specializing in Hip Hop, Street Funk, Jazz Funk, and many other dance styles Bankhead has molded into the ultimate versatile dancer.  Sean has worked with many notable choreographers including Fatima Robinson, Jasmine Guy, Jamal Sims, A.J., Draico, Chuck Maldonado and many more. One of my favorite pieces by far is a routine he did to Jhene Aiko’s x Higher when she first stepped on the scene. Check it out, I’m in loveeeee with his fluidity.