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Video OT Day!!: Choreography by Sean Bankhead

Sean Bankhead is one of my absolute favorite choreographers! His body portrays every bit of the song he chooses to dance to. A proud native of Atlanta, Georgia, Bankhead has 15 years of dance and choreography under his belt. Specializing in Hip Hop, Street Funk, Jazz Funk, and many other dance styles Bankhead has molded into the ultimate versatile dancer.  Sean has worked with many notable choreographers including Fatima Robinson, Jasmine Guy, Jamal Sims, A.J., Draico, Chuck Maldonado and many more. One of my favorite pieces by far is a routine he did to Jhene Aiko’s x Higher when she first stepped on the scene. Check it out, I’m in loveeeee with his fluidity.



Your Weekend Motivation: Dreams DO Come True!

Okay so this week I’m not gonna spoil the surprise AT ALL! (lol) Just WATCH, be motivated and be great moving forward and goddammit be great ALWAYS! I must say this video brought out various emotions, it caused me to think about my past and my future in depth, it caused me to further question certain aspects and individuals in my life, overall it lead to a spring cleaning of my mind. Renew your spiritual manifestation. Okay I’m done, enjoy the ride. Muah from the Mayhem.


your weekend inspiration: Denzel Washington on “dreams without goals”

Originally discovered and inspired by a queen of a blogger, I would like to share Denzel Washington’s speech captured by Tyrese Gibson. A phenomenal depiction of what success is and how to get there through faith, proclamation and affirmations. One may find it quite difficult to not adhere to such a great. I hope you all ENJOY and are inspired as much as I was! Check out more videos like this via my source. Check her out,

Ms. Be Like Water!